YK’s birthday @ Tony Roma’s

Heavy rain and almost cannot make it because of flood on the main road, traffic jam and all the cars stuck in the jam road. Take a long drive to reach sunway, so long never been to Sunway Pyramid since I moved to new place, is good to be back. Today we take a break for Japanese food and went for western food, let see what we have at toniamas.

Tony Roma's Kickin’ Shrimp
Since our dinner is abit early, Kickin’ Shrimp is a good start to open our appetite.
Tony Roma's Shirley Temple and Pineapple Sunrise
Our drinks Shirley Temple and Pineapple Sunrise.
Tony Roma's Grilled Lamb Chops
Our large portion dinner Grilled Lamb Chops (Medium Well which is 70%), almost cooked so it is juicy.
Tony Roma's Grilled salmon
Grilled salmon
Tony Roma's BBQ Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Chicken Sandwich, onions and fries are also served along with the main course.
Tony Roma's Famous Source
Can try the ribs with any of four famous sauces (Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies, Tony Roma's Red Hots, The Original Sauce), we even try with our lamb chops and is nais.
Tony Roma's Birthday Lava
The waiter gave YK a free Birthday Lava. No ic check, so next time can told them you birthday today and they will give u free Lava!
Tony Roma's Dessert Trio
During christmas season they have The sweet joy of sharing at Tony Roma’s, any order 3 main courses will get a free Dessert Trio worth RM19.90. But what we see in the menu is not what we have on the tables.

Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid

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  • Yuen Kin said,
    December 27, 2009 | 8:29 pm
    (11 years ago)

    Thanks guys! for the dinner. . .

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