Superwhite Rewind 2009

This is something, something, something complete about Superwhite 2009, many things happen in this year, been to so many events and parties, the blackie monster was born to make superwhite photograph looks more fun from 2D to interactive, don’t miss out superwhite rewind 2009! Not all posts I can squeeze into one post, but at least you wont’s miss out something cool, something nice, something rock and something superwhite! Let’s look back the moments from Jan to Dec 2009. (Click the big images for original post)

Car on Fire
28 Dec 2008 | Late post from 2008 on Jan 2009, attended the International Xtreme Autoshow at bukit jalil stadium putra. The biggest ever autoshow gathering of extreme modified cars from all over Malaysia and Overseas! This is one of the car show during the event call Jet Car ”Meltdown Show”, the local extreme modified car using the exhaust flame to burn down a whole car!
1 Jan 2009 | Went to yuen kin housewarming party, it was a nice dinner and it was great to see his how successful in his father undertakings and I was curious to find out how beautiful is his house, not only to see the modern interior design but also his collection toys which cost RM4000+. Mid Valley got XL-shop but here got YK-shop, he probably can win to feature in OTACOOL magazine.
All chicks and one duck
10 Jan 2009 | All chicks and one duck, they are huddling to keep warm under a heat lamp inside a display case at the Egg Incubation Room. Visit to the largest free-flight walk-in aviary and least bird in the world. But why are we going to such a boring place like bird park? Well, I don’t say you don't know, you will not understand until you get a SLR Camera!
29 Jan 2009 | How could you Lou Sang without a chopsticks? In Chinese New Year we have this chinese salad call 'Yu Sang'. Chopsticks is our weapon to mix the ingredients and lift them up in the process and make wishes like promotion, good exam, results, good health for the new year.
On My Desk
22 Feb 2009 | My few month decoration effort in my room, visit Ikea couple of times to get new table, chair, lamp just to make me comfortable all the time. I have two desk in my room, one is the computer desk for my blog post and work for design and programming, and the other desk are for writing and reading purpose which I never done before.
Pasta Zanmai
27 Mar 2009 | My colleagues threw a farewell lunch at Sushi Zanmai for my last day. Almost all my known colleagues were there except one or two which I couldn’t care less. Brought along my Canon D450 and managed to snap almost 50 pictures of food and my colleagues fooling around.
Hand on my desk
27 Mar 2009 | This photo was attached to my last day email, I took it last year on my sitting place with the help of John Ng. Before my last day I had mention Why Am I Leaving the Company and also the 5 Things I Should Do Before I Go. We also build a Last Day 2009 site to list down the people who is leaving the company on
KL Design Week
28 Mar 2009 | Went to KL Design Week where it is held at Cap Square with a friend. Here is the largest annual International Design Event presenting a diverse and enriching series of events for designers and design aficionados. The earth hour is going on at the same day at night.
31 Mar 2009 | Trip to Cameron Highlands which is popular for its strawberry, full of fresh juicy strawberries sell on the local markets. Strawberries everywhere and strawberry related products like umbrella, doll, shitting paper.
Wat Machimarran Varran
4 Apr 2009 | Back to hometown and visit one of the famous temple, Wat Machimarran Varran the iconic Thai Buddhism temples. A sitting buddha temple with some interesting Buddhist art inside. Although Kota Bharu is mainly Islamic, but there is a Buddhist minority which takes it’s influence from the Thai border just north of the city.
Mario and Yoshi
11 Apr 2009 | Mario and Yoshi is the new figure that Karen Wong bought from lowyat. A beautiful stylish Mario figure and both is intricately detailed. This picture snap at Crystal Jade while we having dinner there.
Pasta Zanmai
20 Mar 2009 | The magic trick to grind the black sesame seed, it went really well with the pasta. As usual all geek here at Pasta Zanmai, and we order to share all the food so we get to taste different PASTA.
Malacca Christ Church
9 Mar 2009 | Short trip down to Malacca on wesak day, in front of the Dutch architecture, earthkid taking picture of the Christ Church. You also don't want to miss out the photo of we don't know what we doing at Malacca and also the epic of moving picture.
20 May 2009 | Our office wall still white and listlessness, all the pencil outline still there without painting, wall... wall never end... The day before our office launch, finally our wall is finish painting, and so we end the wall.
Hiong Bday
22 Mar 2009 | Teddy Hiong event at Tony Roma's, greets the birthday boy Teddy Hiong standing on the chair while everybody sing the birthday song… gheh! With the hot chicks invitation e-card including hamyu with the slim body, ganas is happy and he manage to get the clito mouse.
Augmented Reality
5 Jun 2009 | Office launch and we ready to showcase the new technology AR (Augmented Reality), during the party Remi is showing the AR demo application with the marker and display 3D Tribal Logo in the screen.
Sushi Zanmai idako
18 Jun 2009 | Jotheblur farewell dinner at Sushi Zanmai, Chuka Idako taking by VV. We chit chat, laugh and scream like nobody else, hour and hour pass until every guest is leaving and left two table which is another couple in this partition mini room. Love is blind...
ZENT Sweetie showgirls
20 Jun 2009 | Went to sepang circuit to shoot all the GT Cars and Race Queens! Two days of shooting and I get sunburn really bad, but after see the ZENT Sweeties Chika keep looking at her long kang, get double sunburn also worth it! Kaori on the right by the way.
Karen Bday
25 Jun 2009 | Karen Koay’s birthday at Italiannies, we were crazy as usual, made a lot of noise, it was excellent dinner. From left Karen Wong with the sexy V pose, Syam was busy talking on the phone and the Karen Koay with the sweet smile.
Urbanscapes 2009
27 Jun 2009 | KLUE Magazine organizing this annual event 'Urbanscape 09′. All the best the city there to offer music, arts, film, theater and fashion, marketplace vendors and more. The blackbird camera start here, imagine how many camera we bought during the event when thekw is there.
4 Jul 2009 | Husky shot at Pet World 2009 at Midvalley, this white husky was fighting the bone. There was so much going on in this event like dog agility competition, doggie spa and grooming, these doggie very Ho Mia lo.
Nyan nyan pose
24 Jul 2009 | Nyan Nyan pose taking with the main cast during dinner at Ipoh chicken rice restaurant. The new Polaroid Camera from Karen Wong.
Red bag and a film
29 Jul 2009 | Celebration on Go-Gung Korean BBQ in The Gardens, a very hearty meal enjoyed by all. Everyone was busy biting and I took the instant film with my red camera bag on the red sofa.
Polaroid Film
19 Aug 2009 | Thekw got new camera again, during lunch hour we got chance to play with 484 Studio Express polaroid camera which has the 4 Shot Camera Kit featuring the unique 4-lens.
Tanjung Sepat
30 Aug 2009 | The day before Merdeka, we went to a place called Tanjung Sepat, a small fish village located at southwest part of Selangor. Picture taking at the Lover’s Bridge with Fazai, Crystal and Crystal sister.
You know who is who?
2 Sep 2009 | I bring them to the blackie world, with the name punch on their forehead. Each of them have their own characteristic, object and pose for you to guess who is who. Have you found out all of them?
Beach Jump (3D Illusion)
2 Sep 2009 | Beach jump in 3D illusion, this is two frame animated gif that create 3D Effect. It uses two frames, first is original image and the next is the same image but with photoshop techniques to change the perspective, and moved up and to the right the person so it looks 3D.
4 Oct 2009 | I didn’t really feel much about moon cake festival this year, not many carrying lanterns walking down the streets or lighting up candles, no bright during the festival, no moon watching. But hey… we steal the lanterns from the only bright house.
Polaroid shooting
22 Oct 2009 | Celebrate thekw’s birthday at the new place at The Curve called The Apartment. Still having a lot of fun with Polaroid camera, this is the moment the girls taking picture with the Polaroid camera at the bathroom area.
14 Nov 2009 | This is no ad. The photo are for the true meaning of bra sizes. If you have wondered why A, B, C, D, E... are the letters used to define bra sizes, but couldn’t figure out what the letters stood for, click to see superwhite definition!
19 Nov 2009 | What is Remi doing? Holding the air? Get high level of geekness and found a new trick to try the transparent laptop screen. This is the second frame of the process of transparent laptop.
Hamyu Bday
19 Nov 2009 | The big boobs jelly cake for hamyu birthday at Monte's Restaurant. We is hav so many update from everyone liao, we is see so many expression liao, we is hav awesome night and hamyu has a happy liao. Kiss kiss bang bang!
Holiday in KL
29 Nov 2009 | Stay at Crown Regency Hotel for two days. Walk around at Pavillion Mall, MidValley, KLCC and Petaling Street. The trip for relaxing, no work, no computer, take picture, eat nais food, shopping, see peoples, tiring walk, Christmas feel.
5 Dec 2009 | I am here to PIKOM PC Fair III not for the goods but just to do some photography practice, this exhibition is one of the most visited events especially to photographers. Four of them is the cosplay characters of the online games at offering Chinese online RPGs.
Berjaya Time Square Christmas (HDR)
12 Dec 2009 | This is the last post of rewind 2009. Day walk at Berjaya Timesquare and the malls are start decorated with their own creation of christmas trees. Christmas thrills at Berjaya Times Square in HDR.
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  • jook said,
    December 31, 2009 | 11:19 am
    (11 years ago)

    the blackies are a classic.

  • miumiu said,
    January 2, 2010 | 1:21 am
    (11 years ago)

    i still loved the photo of theKW, Syamsiah and Karen Koay. Haha!! All three of them have different expressions. Best of 2009 😡

  • kw said,
    January 11, 2010 | 11:01 pm
    (11 years ago)

    hahaha!!! so funnnnnnieee!!

    • demon said,
      January 13, 2010 | 10:35 pm
      (11 years ago)

      funny because of thekw? funny because everyone try to be karen wong?

      • kw said,
        January 14, 2010 | 2:03 pm
        (11 years ago)

        haha because got many thekw and also all the pictures very funny! 😀

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