Moving to a new place

This is the end of the month and is tiring week for me because we have to start moving to a new place. Dealing with the landlord about handling the key (damn.. this is the first I meet the landlord since I staying here), cancel Telekom line and changing the streamyx line, selling the refrigerator and washing machine…. a lot of bunch works. Then have to deal with the new landlord about the agreement again… tired.

I can say moving are terrible, taking five days and five rounds to finish moving all my stuff, driving all the way up and moving the stuff down and up again, making my whole body soft like a cotton, even having lunch my both hands is shaking. That day start to not feeling well after finish moving to the new place, lying down on the bed without thinking anything is the only way to cure my weakness body… refill the energy.

So… where I moving to? I will totally miss the live in Sunway, and now I have to start recognize the new place at Kota Damansara. Not so well known about this area and probably been to here once twice a year, but will be convenience in sometimes.

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