Holiday in KL

Because of Friday is public holiday, so went to KL and stay at hotel for two days. We get the promotion for the Exmpress room that we book last month. Looking forward about this trip for relaxing, no work, no computer, take picture, eat nais food, shopping, see peoples, tiring walk, Christmas feel. Let myself to have enjoyable rest.

Holiday in KL
Great place to stay in Crown Regency Hotel, Empress room type with 3 bedroom deluxe. This is the living room with tv and dvd player. Got another tv in master bedroom.
Holiday in KL
Can shoot cooking show here, we got almost everything here in the kitchen with full set of pots inside the cabinet.
Holiday in KL
Dining table up to six peoples.
Holiday in KL
Three bathroom with three different bathtub.
Holiday in KL
After settle everything, the first thing was shopping. And here I reach outside the Pavillion Mall got Santa deer wire frame with rope lights wrap up, I bet it will look nice with the light on.
Holiday in KL
Holiday in KL
Christmas coming, all the Christmas three is set up near the Pavillion Mall entrance.
First step from entrance you will see this very gorgeous Santa's sleigh.
This thing are just too real - Reindeer.
Some of the Reindeer is flying up, they are hanging in the air.
More christmas tree in the center court, I guess only shopping malls seem to have the ability to deploy massive Christmas decorations.
So we here to bite first, hunting food in Lower Ground.
Something light to bite like bread.
My parents love to visit this shop, I remember last time I have to eat one package of Wo Lai Ye dried meat because they left here in KL. Eat until siao.
Stop by Lavender bakery, can see the customer keep coming non-stop.
Every shop have a little nice Christmas decorative, Christmas feel here.
Saw this Japanese Doll wearing Japan traditional Kimono.
After dinner and back to hotel, nothing to do so I take 5 min walk through all the bar street to KLCC.
Suria KLCC convention center interior design, you might wonder why no KLCC photos here, yes I got but I keep for HDR next.
Holiday in KL
Next morning we have bau yu bak ku teh at ???, seriously I have no idea where is the place. I follow car and they using GPS to reach the secret place. Come back to hotel I have another walk near our Hotel again, saw this huge monkey statue, honolulu club.
Someone left the bottle here.
Maretodo's Steakhouse Kuala Lumpur.
Kl Tower shot from outside the hotel.
Back to hotel get to eat this herbal jelly called 'Gui Ling Gao' from Koong Woh Tong (Gong He Tang).
Is time for lunch again, our plan was head to Rawang for seafood but it was too far to drive so we change our plan and head to Foong Foong Ampang Yong Tau Foo. First thing come was brown fried dumplings.
Next, green lady fingers, red chillies, white beancurds, fishballs and white tofu hide underneath.
Holiday sure many peoples, the service was good here, ordered in front of the counter, minutes later foods were served on table. But the only problem here is very the HOT!!!
Back to hotel is food again, my mom bought this from famous traditional Chinese biscuit stall in Petaling Street which is the Fung Wong.
Night we head to Petaling Street for dinner, so we came to Fung Wong for more biscuit, here they sell various types of biscuits such as Egg tarts, Siew pow, Hup toh soh, Lo poh peng, Kong soh peng, Kah Lui Peng.
Shit, not again.
Petaling Street night market is one of the best places to eat hawker food in Kuala Lumpur. Here we walk walk and look for famous hokkien mee restaurant.
After we found and sit in the restorant Kim Lian Kee for dinner - first come was Char Bi Hun.
Holiday in KL
Second was Hokkien Mee, I think the food here is not as good as they said.
Holiday in KL
At night, I was back to clubbing place again after three year. It was abit crowd here since is Saturday night, get a cool drinks, drunken in the house.
Holiday in KL
A very nice night shot for KL Tower at 33 floor, I was here at Skybar.
Holiday in KL
Next morning we eat dim sum at Teo Chew restaurant behind Berjaya Time Square.
Holiday in KL
The char siew here is nice.
Holiday in KL
We also order two big bowls of fish porridge and Pidan porridge (Duck Egg).
Holiday in KL
Do not try the Xiu Long Bao here, it suck!
Holiday in KL
After hotel checkout we head to Mid Valley shopping, where else I can go since I got nothing to shop here.
Holiday in KL
Double happiness.
Holiday in KL
I don't see much Christmas decorative here in Mid Valley and the Christmas stage at center court still unfinished.
Holiday in KL
The Gardens here compare to Mid Valley, the Christmas mall is wonderfully decorated.
Holiday in KL
The combination of lights and craft are superwhite.
Holiday in KL
Holiday in KL
Old bicycle not for sale.
Holiday in KL
After walking for a few hour, we have lunch at this place called the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. Its modern like with a touch of traditional tea house style furniture.
Holiday in KL
They have an extensive choice of teas to choose from.
Holiday in KL
That's my plate.
Holiday in KL
Here's come our food, we got Steamed Tofu in Tea Sauce, Battered Shitake Mushrooms, Vegetables and more... One of the special dish is the tea duck with tea dipping, every dishes is cooked with tea and event the rice is green tea rice. Love all dishes!
Holiday in KL
Chinese paint was pleasing to my eye.
Holiday in KL
They have this tea illustration art on the wall.
Holiday in KL
A nice and quite place to chill and chit chat with friends. If you are a tea lover then you should try here. Halal restaurant and no pork here.
Holiday in KL
After lunch walk again, saw some chef busy making dumpling.
Holiday in KL
Gelatissimo, the Real Taste of Italia, there are so many flavors.
Holiday in KL
Light bulb off. How could this happen in such a huge mall?
Holiday in KL
Saw this very very detail Majestic crystal bull.
Holiday in KL
Another one, chinese dragon crystal.
Holiday in KL
They throw the dolls into the recycle bin.
Holiday in KL
Random shot, Zouk coming soon in December 2009.
Holiday in KL
Vivid colour of Char siu, siu yo, squid and roast duck.
Holiday in KL
Then we eat again, cendol. Nice food is very where here in LG, eat non-stop!!!
Holiday in KL
LV Broadway, guess how much?
Holiday in KL
What’s that smell? Ah yes, freshly baked pretzels! It is not too sweet, the bread was soft and chewy.
Holiday in KL
So fast we have dinner again, light dinner at I LOVE YOU!!!
Holiday in KL
Table full with porridge and you char kway with no people??? Is this for them?

That’s it for my vacation in KL, I notice we really eat a lot.

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  • ps said,
    December 2, 2009 | 12:59 am
    (11 years ago)

    The combination of lights and craft are really superwhite :mrgreen:

    • demon said,
      December 2, 2009 | 10:57 am
      (11 years ago)

      hey shit teacher… u like chocolate?

  • Theo said,
    March 18, 2012 | 10:16 am
    (9 years ago)

    omg, is this bag still in good condition. I’ve been searching up and down for this 🙁 Kindly email me if you’re looking for a new owner.

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