What a photo shot in China? Fastfood and Crab

Heard some experience from my cousin they hit McDonald for supper at one of the night, no coffee, no burger and what you see is what we have, a last burger which you don’t seem like to eat. Looks like China people don’t use to supper like malaysian. Another night we walk to the nearest pizza hurt, not so late this time and is around 10 and fck the staff said they are closed. Some say their KFC fried chicken is like water, can’t imagine. How lucky we are?





Yes… the crab looks really nice here… actually no taste at all and is freaking expensive. In china they only have salt water seafood so is kinda expensive – understand. 6 pair of crab (male, female) is already cost RMB720. One of the tour guide tell a experience about seafood, they having normal seafood with around 12 people table – cost RMB4000+. How lucky we are again?


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