Singapore Trip Day 3 (Orchad Road)

First day is for Singapore attractions and Second day is to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, we went two places to experience the New Year’s Eve celebration in one night, this can’t be happen in Malaysia because of traffic jam, probably need about 1 hour plus to reach public celebration, but in Singapore got MRT and it is very convenience to go anywhere and the only problem is human jam. Day three which is the last day in Singapore is freaking tired, walking for 58 hours is pain in the leg and this is my longest walk in 2009.

Orchad Road
We wake up a bit late and lunch at the same place as yesterday, we went to Orchard road for window shopping.
Aquarium Wall
Interesting aquarium light wall.
Orchad Road
Still can see the Chritmas decoration here at Orchad Road.
Went to Zara.
White Mini Cooper
Saw white mini cooper with the plate named 'Just Married'.
Lamborghini Murcielago
And also Lamborghini Murcielago.
Orchad Road
Some adornment for your room.
Orchad Road UNIQLO
From Tokyo to Singapore the UNIQLO open at Somerset Level 3, love their website and also the iphone app, such a good opportunity here sure will shop more, windows shopping turn out to real shopping.
Orchad Road
Chicks is everywhere at Orcahd Road.
Changi Airport
After shop for 2 hour and is time to catch my flight, 4.30pm leave Orchard Road and take taxi to Changi T1 Airport.
Changi Airport
Flight delay, window shopping again lo. See some whisky and wine, all free duty here.
Changi Airport
Absolut Vodka.
Changi Airport
Perfume and Cosmetics.
Changi Airport
That's the Airasia plane fly me back to Kuala Lumpur. 1st Jan 2010 goodbye Singapore.
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