Singapore Trip Day 2 (Sentosa)

Next day we go sentosa, which my friend recommended to come here if you want to see hot chicks in bikini. Sentosa island is a relaxing place to go, but we should come here with short pants, hot like hell if you wear jeans. Here got exciting attractions and activities, the beach is very big and beautiful but weather suck on the day.

Hawker Place
10.30am we continue our trip and have our breakfast at the nearest hawker place.
Char Siu Rice
I order Cha Siu and Siu yok rice, don't like and no taste at all.
Love Design
Taking bus from Woodlands to VivoCity, it is a long drive and take about 1 hour plus to reach here. Here we walk walk and saw this colorful design at kids playground which I think is a word.
Love Design
Words Starting With 'N'?
This is a very cool restaurant called Bosses (Hei Se Hui), but is too expensive for us to have lunch here.
Yellow Bike
We hunt for food until this Pastamania, eat pizza here! Got classic yellow deliver bike outside the restaurant.
Ham & Mushroom and Hawaiian Pizza
Here's our Ham & Mushroom and Hawaiian Pizza.
Foodrepublic, how come we never notice such a nice place for food here, dazzling modern restaurant.
Siloso Beach Party
This is the place we going, count down to an even bigger Siloso Beach Party from 8pm to 6am.
ATM Sign Board
From sentosa station to beach station and waterfront station is still under construction. You also can take cable car from sentosa to impian station.
Saw many girl in summer dresses, and we are heading to the same place.
Singapore Port
The port of Singapore.
Songs of the Sea
We bought the Songs of the Sea ticket for the night, going to experience this exciting nightly multi-sensory extravaganza.
Luge & Skyride
Sentosa Luge and Skyride.
2010 Resolutions
We start to walk in Siloso Beach, they have this yellow board for peoples to write their 2010 resolutions here!
Tiger Beer 2010
1 ticket to 5 sensational parties.
Ferrari F430
Theres no escaping the fact that the GT is one of the feature that it brings to the party, at first I thought it was Ferrari F458 Italia but no this is Ferrari F430.

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

Lamborghini Gallardo
Lamborghini gallardo.
Black hummer, there is more like Porche and Nissan GT Sport Car here for display.
Wave House
Enter the wave house and it’s pretty amazing you can play surfing here.
Siloso Beach
Cool deck, Siloso Beach.
Siloso Beach Party
All the beach is closed for the party, every staff is preparing the light, camera, and the most important thing... beer, something big going to happen tonight.
F1lying Trapeze
At Siloso beach got many attractions and the flying trapeze is one of them.
Flying Fox
Saw the peoples flying on top? That is the game flying fox, the highest and longest in Asia.
New Year End
Saw some chicks writing NYE on their legs, New year end.
Palawan beach
We walk back to beach station and start walking to Palawan beach, from east to west.
Palawan beach
Linked to Palawan Beach by a picturesque suspension bridge, Southernmost Point of Continental Asia flanked by two viewing towers.
Palawan Beach (HDR)
Viewing on towers (HDR).
Southermmost Point of Continental Asia
Southernmost Point of Continental Asia?
Merlion Walk
Back to beach station and head up to Merlion walk, mosaic walkway lined with colourful mosiac water jets.
When you visit Sentosa, you will see this gigantic lion head and a fish body.
Visitors can take the lift up to the 12th floor of the Merlion statue to view the city.
The Tiger Sky Tower
The Tiger Sky Tower gives you a bird’s eye view of the Singapore Skyline.
Some Japanese tourists.
Sentosa 4-D Magix
We here to watch the Sentosa 4-D Magix – Pirates in 4-D, it is a 3-time winner of the Asian Attractions Award. It’s not Singapore Pools 4-D lottery but an additional sensory experience on top of the 3-D experience. You will not only experience some effects jumps right out of the screen (3-D effects), it also puts you in the thick of action through simulated live effects built in onto your seat (the 4th D) like wind, water. You not only see it but also can feel it.
The Tiger Sky Tower
After finish the show, day is getting darker, here another shot of 360 degree experience of The Tiger Sky Tower at night.
Long walk today and have dinner at Subway.
Images of Singapore
Images of Singapore is a journey to the very soul of Singapore, a place of cultural diversity.
The Merlion at night.
Merlion Walk
Merlion Walk at night, dancing mountain still on.
Merlion Walk
It is one of the best landmarks of Sentosa Island.
Merlion Walk
Exit the Merlion Walk and going back to beach station.
Merlion Walk
Here's the Merlion walk view from beach station, the lights on the wall will keep changing to different colours.
Lights on the tree.
Songs of the Sea
We are rushing back to beach station to catch up Songs of the Sea show and it is full house.
Songs of the Sea
The show commenced with some happy youngsters dancing and singing English, Chinese, Malay and Indian folk song, then suddenly this girl face pop up, can see the face she really boh song. Hah, this is the vision of a beautiful sleeping girl, the image of princess is projected on waterdrops.
Songs of the Sea
That one is a friendly lion fish, the young man learn that the princess was under the spell of an enchanted village.
Songs of the Sea
Flame bursts culminated with dramatic pyrotechnics.
Songs of the Sea
Water jets and light effects, just like a real fire!
Songs of the Sea
Spirit of Light.
Songs of the Sea
This blue face is not avatar from Pandora, she is the god of sea.
Songs of the Sea
The image of the princess was showing up again, this time with a smiling face as she was finally awaken by the Songs of the Sea. She is have a happy liao, she is song liao.
Songs of the Sea
Look at all the pretty colours.
Songs of the Sea
The flames leaping up to 20m!
Songs of the Sea
I surely recommend anyone of you to go watch it if you go to Singapore.
Songs of the Sea
Reacted with fire and happiness explosion. The show hit among people due to its entertaining music, unique computer images, and outbursts of flames, lasers, water jets and pyrotechnics. Very nice and I don't mind watching it again!
Siloso Beach Party
Next we go back to Siloso Beach Party, the place we go in this afternoon is closed and you have to purchase the ticket to enter this party.
Siloso Beach Party
Security is kinda serious here and we peeking here for like about 10 min? Just to check out some hot chicks.
Going back with the same way we came here today which is taking ATM back to VivoCity but the queue is terrible man, the ATM is upstairs and these peoples is taking long queue until here, take bus faster. What? We not staying here for the party? We not entering the Siloso Beach Party? We not going to celebrate new year here? Oh no we peek enough here and next we going to Merlion Park.
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