Super GT International 2009 Sepang Day 1: Qualifying

After pit walkabout we could already hear the vroom vroom sounds of the Super GT cars at the point and they were deafening! By looking at the super gt driving inside the track… one would understand the excitement in them. Here’s some photos taken.

Mall area shot taken from pit building.

Here you see the way they charging up their race car, this was taken from mall area with 200mm zoom lens.

Moving to the corner tower for a good shot, it was a long walk. We are quiet all the way because of the vroom vroom sound we cannot talk at all.

The sounds were even more deafening than before here. Seriously I could feel even my camera vibrating whenever a car passed by. I was worried that my camera lenses would break too! Here’s the Jimgainer Advan F360 running up.

triple a Gallardo RG-3 running out of track!

I.M Jihan Co.Ltd•Apple•Shiden which look like flying jet.

I still haven’t experience the panning shot, as you can see the race car Zent Cerumo SC430 background still very clear.

Tay was seriously trying the panning shot here.

And look the Daishin Advan Ferrari slowing down… ngerk ngerk….
Hello.. Ama ar, yaya tonite no need cook my dinner liao, I got dinner with GT race queen.. ya.. bye.

This is the very close up shot I can take, can you see the driver face?

Another shot toward the pit building.

The architecture design inside the tower.

Pit building with all the green and black Petronas sign.
Next we moving back to stage again.

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