Siao Kim Garry

During the last month in the old company, we been visiting to Kim Garry at Midvalley with numerous of time. Mostly dinner, because by the time we finish work and ready for dinner, all the restaurant is already closed except Kim Garry. This place become our reunion section, bitching section, yamcha section until all the waiters in Kim Garry also recognize all of us. Some of us already know what to order without the menu, take the pencil and ready for exam (tick the meal to order on the paper). Today some of the colleagues still with me and whenever I mention Kim Garry for lunch or dinner they will start going Siao, like WTF? Again?
Below is the photos with food and peoples. We even shoot the video in the restaurant…

When the food is here, we all eat like pig… like the picture above!

This is when woman on a diet, showing symbol of Taunt to reject the food while her mouth was busy with drinking. No “SHIT” word can come out from the mouth.

This is one of my favorite food in Kim Garry – Shredded Pork and Fried Egg with Chinese Mushroom Rice.

Guy things during one of the yamcha section, we saw a cute girl sitting outside…

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  • miumiu said,
    April 29, 2009 | 9:26 am
    (12 years ago)

    stalker!!! she carry LV one leh, later she sue you oni you know!


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