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After the office launch, we actually have a good review on our interactive demo – the AR. So you know today our schedule is very tight, fella beside me is busy sleeping, head is reading newspaper check out the latest news and the partition behind us are having world war III, busy office. I just still concentrate on my AR application, today I plan to have something more fun with our AR application, I start to search for the models collections that look interesting at google warehouse and then implement into our application. Various of foods, characters and objects can be display on my marker. See for yourself.

superwhite monster is on my marker now, spend about 1hr+ to finish the modelling… love it. What else I got? Iphone 3G and earth.. kid?!??

Real and tasty bread, yummy. And also I got pizza here, plus a floating banana… woo…

COME OVER TO THE SUPERWHITE SITE… WE HAVE NOTHING BUT SUPERWHITE… I found this mini cute Darth Vader, follow by the Starcraft spaceship and the Iron Man head.

Specially dedicated to Karen Wong… is that your fluffie? All the animals is here except the superfat Ronald Mcdonald, Yoshi is licking…

Some of the friend miss out to see how cool is the 3D Interactive Toyota iQ, so here I post again the picture how it work. Before you do anything you will see the car perfectly.

But when you turn around the marker, it actually reveal all the parts… sweet.

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4 white comments    
  • karen said,
    June 11, 2009 | 12:19 pm
    (12 years ago)

    yay rabbit ;)!

  • rabbit said,
    June 12, 2009 | 5:07 pm
    (12 years ago)

    lili got rabbit~ yay too….

  • demon said,
    June 12, 2009 | 5:26 pm
    (12 years ago)

    who is lili?

  • miumiu said,
    June 13, 2009 | 10:42 am
    (12 years ago)

    ehemm! now i KNOWWWW why you keep hiding in the room! you cam wHORE!! đź’ˇ

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