Jotheblur farewell dinner

On Thursday a bit special… at least to her JoLee, she gonna leave the company which is my x company and going to new company which is my x company also. So we decided to have dinner with her @ Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens, Aivee is the earlier and the queue is a bit long, when we have our seat all the geeks is here except shit u and Jolee. Dinner was pretty good, and we did enjoy ourselves there. We chit chat, laugh and scream like nobody else, hour and hour pass until every guest is leaving and left two table which is another couple in this partition mini room. Are we make too much noise disturbing your romantic world? We don’t feel guilty at all because love is blind, don’t think they see us! On that day was last day for JoLee in the company, our Best Wishes are for her today, tomorrow and forever.

This time we ordered much more variety of sushi, from Dai Dai Roll, Caterpillar Roll and Dragon Roll. I would say foods are super super delicious and you could taste it freshness!

Besides, we ordered Ebikko and Toro Salmon, Chuka Idako which take by VV and Chuka Wakame always ordered by KW.

My favorite Yakitori, S.S Crab Temaki and California Temaki. From left is Kitsune Udon.

Here is our main cast – JoLee personal shot, no photoshop editing.
No like the other women request to transform to angel! Eh.. hamyu lau kao pose.

After dinner we take pic with JoLee, do I need to introduce everyone? No, except Zam.

See what KW and Remi doing? Someone is missing here…

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