Super GT International 2009 Sepang Day 2: Behind the stage

Now, back to stage and get ready for nosebleed again.

After the start procedure we going back to stage and the current activities performance by Dragon Red. Cannot stay too long at the stage and we have to walk around and keep eyes open.

There I got the ZENT Sweeties girls coming out to the stage, yea… you don’t jealous just because I get so close to Mayu Oya.

And Junko Iida with the v pose.

And here we see Nana and Sana at the stage again, did you notice Sana hairstyle has change? She didn’t tie up the hair this time and she still look cute in either way.

Poor Sana, found the article said she was enjoying Malaysian cuisine since the beginning of their
stint here until she landed in hospital for food poisoning after eating out.

Yuuki Sana and Nana Shibata are so pretty!

Sticker on the face. The race queen will start posing when the camera is point at them, I think they got inspiration from asianposes.

So you see… I have to walk two way just to catch every moment, from the front stage to behind the stage.

Here is another side behind the stage, Fields Bomex Ladys was stand by before ZENT Sweeties.

The MICHELIN MAN greetings with the people.

Anywhere you see people huddle, just follow and you won’t miss out like the pic above, ZENT Sweeties girls is buying the Ice Blended drinks, but Tay is faster than me and manage to get so close with them… eh where is your camera pointing?

There is one thing I need to point out, every time ZENT Sweeties finish the stage appearance, Mama Sang (black cloth) will buy them the Ice Blended drinks, maybe is just too nice for them.

ZENT Sweeties girls are just too popular, people follow everywhere they go.

My favorite girl again… Mach Shaken Gals (Mana Mizuno, Anna Hayashi & Yuka Tachibana), how can I miss it…

Rushing back to the front stage…

Just to have a good angle for Mana Mizuno… lovely.

2009 Yoshiki RockStar Girls (Arai Nanao and Yuriya Hasegawa) look kawaii here and they forgot about their team name…

They are fast and I had to keep ahead of them for the nice shot.

This is the stage appearance 2, Sana and Nana did a number of more performance today and they take off the jacket!!!

Yeah we seriously need a shot like this… heart shape.

Giving away free towel from ZENT Sweeties… I wish I could catch it but is too far away from me.

Here Sana and Nana come out from behind the stage, Nana make a crying face to the security guard.

Differently, Yuuki Sana just say goodbye to him.

She look really very super kawaii here.

Arr.. here we see different costume from ZENT Sweeties.

Why Chika keep looking down? Sexy…

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