Meet our little friend

Name was PiPi, BoBo, ToTo, whatever I don’t really remember the name because I just gave the new name to it – pukima. This dog is not friendly at all, at least to me and neither I. No word as to positive methods to ask this dog to sit, stay, and come, no doubt he only know how to eat, sleep and shit. Everyone is at work, I’m the earlier back to home and this pukiniama was barking at me, making growling sound and stare at me like I going to eat his food, so I’m here alone with this freak show. Both of us also kia shu (afraid of losing) and I actually growl back and see what happen to him and this mini clutched on my thigh with his incisive claws, now I know this Pekingese or Havanese which I not sure was agitated. Our living room was big enough for him to walk around, walk into the room deservedly, except my room. Because it happens that this pukima like to step on the bed and feel like doing something bad, until the other days I heard from my friend this pukima actually shake and spurt on his pillow! Now you know why I give such a cock name to this little bastard. He was here for a week since my friend help babysit, yesterday night they came and bring it back, everything going back to peaceful and normal. Smile because it’s over, Bai pukima and hope we don’t see again!

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