Ipoh chicken rice and Polaroid Camera

Why are we here again? Arghh… to collect the figure, collect the lens, collect the accessories from Soak Republic, try the new Polaroids camera, having dinner and ofcoz bitching with the x-colleague at MV.

The main cast during the dinner, new Polaroid Camera from Karen Wong. Some sample of the photo except the photos on the right was taken by the other camera at 2005 year.

We having dinner at chicken shop rice… errr… Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant.

The black plate she holding which looks like diskette is the new film for Polaroid Camera. Each films cost around ten dollar.

Demonstrating on how to load film into a Polaroid Camera.

Shooting caught… Nyan Nyan pose.

After photos is taken, no shake, no blow and just need to wait. The blank white films will slowly turn into a lomo color photos.

Here’s the result of the photos.

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