Farewell at Sushi Zanmai

My colleagues threw a farewell lunch for me on last friday. Almost all my known colleagues were there except one or two which I couldn’t care less. Brought along my Canon D450 and managed to snap almost 50 pictures of food and my colleagues fooling around. Really appreciate to my colleagues who organize the farewell lunch (AV), coming back for my farewell lunch even her leg is injured (YP), still join the farewell lunch even her mom had prepare the lunch box (TF) and thanks again for all the colleagues join my farewell lunch.

Food food… Salmon Mentayaki, Gindara Teriyaki…

We order Itachoco Monaka and Kuromitsu-Iri for desert, but Itachoco Monaka tasted better.

HY sick of PS…

The girls with the v pose…

My finder shot at sushi zanmai

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