Trip to Cameron Highlands

The day after I went back to my hometown, it was about 7am and we start take 4hr drive to Cameron Highlands. It was a long drive and I almost going back to KL again, we enjoys a cool climate when was about to reach the destination – save the aircond.

Cameron Highlands is popular for its strawberry and tea plantations. Everywhere you go you will see strawberries and strawberry related products like umbrella, doll, shitting paper. The first places we went is the local markets, full of fresh flowers, vegetables and strawberries. I discovered for the first time in my life that you can actually eat a corn raw and it did taste very juicy and sweet. It’s totally different from what I can eat from any other places. The vegetables and fruits here also were extra huge and so fresh until we can just wash it on the spot and consume it right away.

I have to say the most significant part of this trip was the Boh Tea Plantation. It was the largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia. It’s kinda adventure because the road to the plantation was rather narrow and had to give honks while turning a corner to let the opposite direction oncoming traffic knows that there is a car coming. But happen that the Tea Factory was closed on the day we went, according to the guard said the factory were closed on every Monday. So we went back to town and visit the Butterfly Garden and Bee Garden. The weather in the day was cooling already and it’s even colder when it’s at night. Before we have steamboat for our dinner, we went to the pasar malam for a walk and notice they sell vegetables and corns even cheaper when it’s getting to midnight as the market – WTF?

The next day in the morning we going back to Boh Tea Plantation. From one hill to another, these hills were covered with tea plantations. We are able to see the process of tea-making and have a tea in such a cool climate, such a peaceful sensation… sweet. The last place that we went was cactus garden, there were many types of cactuses and most of it looks like cock, and it were selling at RM10 for seven which is quite cheap. And the last thing, never ever eat lunch in open spaces in Cameron Highlands because you might accidentally eat some flies.


The plant below called Golden Chicken; SUPER Big Red flowers!!!; Pierce of Cactus…

And we went to strawberry farm…

Giant Green Carpet of Malaysia

It was a long way up to the tea centre, but it was really fun smelling the aroma of the tea leaves.

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