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First of all I don’t know why I’m here, they say it’s a MUST Visit for many when visiting Tokyo. Anyway, here we are at DisneyLand Tokyo. A dazzling location for the youngs and olds for fondest memories for sure. It was way huge and a lot bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland, at least 3 times bigger according to my friend. So we bought our 1 day-passport (to Disneyland and Disneysea) for 6200 yan.

Let me start here by saying, I never seen lines anything like what they get in the Tokyo Parks, HUGE lines at every gate waiting to get in. Here there’s one very good system is, the expected waiting time will be displayed to the guests in front of each Attraction. So, checking this expected waiting time, you can plan accordingly I mean to stand in that queue or try other less crowded attraction. We saw at least 20 to 120 minutes waiting time for every Attraction, just so to let you know, we are here during the weekday, can’t imagine the crowd during the weekend!





The Disney Castle at the beginning of every Disney movie.
Micky Mouse and Ub Iwerks who responsible for the creation and design of Mickey Mouse.

Before we begin, brunch first! So we have salmon caviar we bought from Tsujiki Fish Market this morning.
Have it with bread is definitely not a good idea.
And we wanted more something to bite. There are various stalls all around of it, then we have black pepper pork rib.

There are more than 5 shows per day in Tokyo Disneyland, some with the mark require free reserved tickets which are distributed by lottery machine… damn. Our first show is Super-Duper Jumpin’ Time, a lively show especially for kids. Ya is good to be a kid, see Mickey and his Disney pals on stage jumping and dancing all over the place. Just that I can’t take the screaming of the kid beside me… Micky Chan~… Micky Chan! Almost deaf.


The ‘Grand Circuit Raceway’ is a racing car driving (like go carting) in a small circular circuit – it has accelerator and break but the car always move over this rail, cannot deviate from it. Multiple car can move over the same track, just when the two cars are too near, car will automatically stop, prevent collision. I mention it because we going o ride later.


There will be a parade show name Jubilation in the afternoon, all the Disney characters come together for a pageant filled with dreams and fantasy. The show before 1 hour time, people start ‘chopping’ their seats already. There were huge crowds along the road sitting and standing to watch the parade show. Before we find our seats, we got pop corn for starter.













Here we notice Japanese are like anything cute “kawaii”, you will see a lot of peoples especially youngster with uniform are wearing Micky Mouse heat. Anything small therefore is a luxury item, they will bring with them home. It appears to be a fashion statement in Japan.


Another interesting scene here is the strollers parking, you have to be there to see this really unique Japanese trait. First somebody parks their stroller in the open space, and soon everyone follows in neat order. Like in a car parking lot, except that there are no lines or parking ticket or markings on the floor. I notice this happening at all the attractions, rows and rows of neatly parked baby carriages. Such discipline!








Mickey pizza for dinner.
We went back to Tomorrowland to ride on the Grand Circuit Raceway. By the time we got out of Minnie Oh! Minnie show by 5pm, it was already dark. There really isn’t very much to see along the journey.

While waiting for the fireworks, they have an Electrical Parade that last about 30 minutes. It started at 7.30pm where everyone can just focus on the car that pass by. There are more restrictions people are not allowed to stand in front of people sitting for the parades, and people are not allowed to raise their cameras or children higher than their head, these generally contribute to a better viewing experience for everyone.

After the Electrical Parade Dreamlights is the Disney Magic in the Sky, we were hope to see the fireworks on top the castle just like the beginning of every Disney Movie, but it was not. On the way out of the Disney park I took a few pictures, as it looked nicer at night.

This is the world bazaar, you would find shops, cafes and restaurants with Victorian-styled. Every shops the peoples here visit, they will tear the stores apart. Seriously you have to here see the crowed everywhere and we have to barely walk into the shop. And I can’t imagine how these kids can afford it, example just a Mickey Mouse shape biscuit with ridiculous price, they can take up more than 1 box, and the staff can’t even had time to restock! No joke!


There is a large gift store right outside the entrance called Bon Voyage. It is the perfect place to enjoy shopping before or after a day of fun and excitement at your favorite Disney Park. There’s a lot of park merchandise.





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