Singapore Trip Day 2 (The Merlion Park)

My main reason being in Singapore in the first place is to experience the New Year’s Eve here, with everyone out to get a good view at the Esplanade Bridge, Marina Bay, Waterfront Promenade, and Merlion Park will be popular spots. We almost give up because we stuck at outside the Merlion Park, police limit the number of people allowed in those areas at any one time. After long wait we still manage to get inside and find a suitable spot, have a blast on New Year’s Eve and the result in the end was worth it. But this is one time only of experience, it is real jammed packed with people! Singapore almost sink with thousands of peoples.

We leave Sentosa and take MRT from HarbourFront to Clarke Quay.
Clake Quay
We are at Boat Quay, peoples is everywhere and looks like many of them are going to countdown here.
Riverside point
Riverside point view.
Reverse bungee jumping
Clarke Quay GMAX Reverse bungee jumping, seems thrilling!
Walk from Clarke Quay to Esplanade. This granite structure is located along the Esplanade, it's called the Cenotaph or known as also as 'Our Glorious Dead'. World War II memorial.
The Fullerton Hotel
We area going to enter The Esplanade Bridge on the left, a good place to take picture of Merlion included in fireworks photos. But this spot is incredibly crowded, no choice then we have to walk further down to the Merlion Park.
Esplanade theatre
The Esplanade Theater looks like durian.
Singapore Eye
Singapore's newest attraction is a ferris wheel called the 'Singapore Eye.' The Singapore Flyer is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.
Merlion Park
After long walk and long wait, we almost give up and want to go home but lucky we wait and finally got chance to get inside the Merlion Park. Thousands are to throng the area to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
Merlion Park Countdown
Merlion Park will be popular spots and with huge crowds expected. Saw families with mats and portable chairs here.

These would be released during the New Year Countdown. It is a meaningful event to be able to be one of the 10,000 to ink your wishes for the up and coming New Year!

Merlion Park
The approx 20,000 floating Wishing Spheres are light up. The wishes of Singapore for the coming new year 2010 inked on giant plastic balloons, it released during the New Year Countdown.
Merlion Park Countdown
After waiting for an hour, 11.45pm 31 Dec 2009 before 2010, everyone start to stand up and cheering.
Merlion Park Fireworks
Happy New Year and Boom! We are standing too close to the fireworks which is not a good spot for photograph.
Merlion Park Fireworks
They were shooting them on three separate building construction opposite The Merlion Park, the fireworks reflection.
Merlion Park Fireworks
Hear the loud booms and to feel the fireworks ‘falling on you’.
Merlion Park Fireworks
I got space shot, it's amazing to me that they can set off fireworks like this.
Merlion Park Fireworks
The stunning fireworks certainly lived up to it.
Merlion Park Fireworks
We were too exciting, the fireworks display is awesome and I forgot to take video.
Merlion Park Fireworks
The performances and the 8 minute fireworks were very impressive. The last booms was big, big until the fireworks can turn the dark sky into day light.
Merlion Park Countdown
The moment fireworks finish we run and find the way out to the nearest MRT, human jam here and we stuck like about 5 min to get out of the packed.
Light on Building
We stopped for photo-shoot along the way to MRT.
The Fullerton Hotel
Was trying to capture some night shots of the city. This was my attempt on The Fullerton Hotel.
MRT after Countdown
After squeeze with so many people, we safe and are inside the Raffles Place MRT, all the MRT extent till 2pm and by the time we go back is about 2pm. Inside the MRT can see everyone is so tired, all the youngster just sit on the floor and rest. Not only them, we also tired.
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