Singapore Trip Day 1 (Zoo and Night Safari)

5th Jan 2010, Tuesday (7 years ago)

This is my plan for the year end holidays, Plan A go Singapore, Plan B go back hometown and Plan C go The Curve countdown new year 2010, Plan D stay at home eat and sleep. So last Monday confirm to go with Plan A, I ffk to the friends with Plan C and call my Johor friends and start looking for hotels, not surprise it is expensive in this season and almost every hotels is full. But lucky we got place to sleep without spending any money, save money for the trip and can shop more. First day the Singapore tourist attractions we have visited was zoo, check out various breeding animals in one enclosure.


Got some cheap flights on morning, namely Tiger Airways. Surprisingly is cheaper than Airasia, so I wake up at midnight 3am, reach LCCT at 4.45am, so hungry and have my breakfast at McDonald.

Sign Board

After meet up Johor friend at Woodlands (who is he? later you will know), we settle our place and put down all our bags and start our Singapore trip, the first place to go was Singapore Zoo, taking bus no 927 from Choa Chu Kang to Mandai Lake Rd.

Singapore Zoo

About half an hour we reach the Mandai Lake Rd, can see the big sign of Singapore Zoo and Night Safari is at the same place.

Elephant Sculpture

Here we are, outside got three elephants sculpture for tourists to take picture.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo

It is new year holiday and is school holiday, so many tourists and family with kids was here. We queue up for 40mins just to get the tickets.

Singapore Zoo Ticket

Here's our ticket and free vouchers, Zoo and Night Safari cost $32 which save up to $4.


Before we enter the Zoo, start to bite something for lunch first, we eat hot chicks and see hot chicks at KFC.


The Zoo start with Rainforest walk, the first animals to see was Otter.


This is my friend Babirusa or Pig-deer.

White Tiger

A very rare White Tiger lying down and sleeping, they got three White Tiger here but we only saw one.

Pygmy Hippo

Pygmy Hippo under water.

Ancient Sculpture

Three old ancient funny sculpture.

Hamadryas Baboons

Next we enter Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, troop of Hamadryas Baboons. They had big red ass and check their red in front.

Hamadryas Baboons

The view from inside.

Banded Mongoose

This smallish Banded Mongoose is usually seen in troops.

Crested Macaque

This is not fruit jambu, this is monkey call Crested Macaque, they also got big red ass.

Singapore Zoo Crowed

We miss out the Rainforest Flights Back Show.

Singapore Zoo

Next we head to Splash Safari Show, the show is about to start an hour but heavy rain and we have to find cover.

Ah Meng Restaurant

Ah Meng Restaurant.

Orang Utan

Go into Ah Meng restaurant for drinks and they have Orang Utan photo session.

Sea lions

Back to the Splash Safari Show, this time with the wonderful Californian sea lions.

Singapore Zoo Sign

Love the animals head sign board, you won't get lost with the head and you know where to find the animals with the head.

Polar Bear

Zoo's main star attraction, the Polar Bear. This guy is absolutely huge.

Polar Bear

Let John tell you how tall is this guy, if he stand up can reach 3.5m height and 1,002kg weight, one smack can chop your head off.

Polar Bear

Polar bear got thick layer of body fat to insulate themselves in the cold. But in tropical climate country, the Singapore Zoo polar bears have a thinner coat.

White Rhinoceros

Jelani, a baby white rhino was born on 19th February 2007. I think the baby is already grow up.

White Rhinoceros

The white rhinoceros is the largest of the five species weighing 1800 to 2700 kg.


Black and white Zebra.


Long necked giraffe all the way imported from Africa.


The king of lions are chilling.


More close up through the glass on the other side.


Jaguar laying in tree.


Entering Reptile Garden, snake in the house.

Snapping Turtle

An aggressive critter - The Snapping Turtle.


Giant iguanas, can change their colors based on mood.

Giant Tortoise

Walk inside the cage to snap this Giant Tortoise.


I take picture of this because I didn't manage to take picture of the Sun Bear, they are hiding behind the tree.

False Ghavial

False Ghavial, also known as the Malayan gharial.

False Ghavial

Look at their rough skin.


Cannot see the face, but the way they sleep is funny.

Tiger cat

The Tiger Cat, also known as the Little Spotted Cat.

African Penguin

African Penguin, I wonder which one is Tong Tong that always kena hits.


Asian elephants are smart, they know how to pose.


Asian Elephants at Work and Play.

Elephants Head

Little museum here for understanding more about elephants, sample of the elephant's head bone.

Africa Elephant

Johor elephant.

Orang Utan

Bornean Orang Utan, they are large, quiet, gentle apes that live in southeast Asia.

Orang Utan Baby

Going up to Orang Utan boardwalk and saw this little Orang Utan baby hanging up on the rope.

Memorial of Ah Meng

Memorial of Ah Meng.


Sungai buaya or crocodile, the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw can be seen when the mouth is shut.

crocodile eggs

Sample of the crocodile eggs.

Rainforest kidz world

Rainforest Kidzworld to engage children and families with lots of fun.

Rainforest kidz world

Rainforest kidzworld with many colorful design of wall.

Wild Animal Carousel (HDR)

Wild Animal Carousel in HDR.

Rainforest kidz world

We are entering Rainforest kidzworld.

Rainforest kidz world

Childrenโ€™s world at the zoo, many kids are having fun here.

horse carriage ride

They also got horse carriage ride, carrying kids through the Rainforest kidzworld.


When we go inside the Kampung House, this women scare the shit of us. Many wax people doing kampung thingy like watching tv, washing cloth and cooking...


Kampung House with nooks and crannies to discover, this uncle sitting down using the type writer.

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey with the big nose.

Ring-tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed Lemur, they are very active and jumping around. They even jump on my back when I taking picture.

Black and White Lemur

Black and white Lemur eating banana, he is a bit shy.

Ring-tailed Lemur

John taking picture with Lemur


Gift shop, white cloth shine in the dark.

Singapore Zoo

It was a wonderful experience here and we exit the zoo at 5.30pm.

Night Safari

After visiting the Zoo, we continue the fun at the Night Safari which is located just next to the Zoo. Three mins walk to the worldโ€™s first wildlife park for night visit, viewing animals at night in an open air zoo concept.

Ulu Ulu Restaurant

Night safari open at 7.30pm, so we had our lunch at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.

Ulu Ulu Restaurant

They have Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western foods here and they even got buffet.

Ulu Ulu Restaurant

My dinner, Chicken Chop with rice - $17, didn't expect to be very good.

Ulu Ulu Restaurant

John order Wa tan hor which cost $15, expensive dinner here.

Tribal Dance Performance

Tribal Dance performance while everyone is having dinner, some warm up for us.

Creatures of the Night

Catch up Creatures of the Night Show at 7.30pm, holiday is full house. Here we could get close to the animals while a nice show in a small amphitheatre took place. No flash photograph allowed during the show, the flash will cause the animals blind.

Creatures of the Night

The highlights were binturongs, raccoons, wolves, hyenas, what you see in the picture is the servals. They are very close to the audience, so when the show start all the gate is closed to avoid the animals run away.

Creatures of the Night

20ft python is drawn from the audience, it is kept under the seats the whole time and make the audience scream! The muscle guy lucky or unlucky to have a python put around his neck.

Creatures of the Night

Here are some otters that are trained to sort garbage into recycling bins that are marked paper, plastic, or tin. It was fun to see otters keep rolling the tin.

Tram Ride

After the show we have to queue up for the Tram ride.

Tram Ride

Another 45 mins to wait for our turn and we feel like kena cheat because our ticket doesn't include the Tram ride, no way to give up after long queue and we spent another $10 for the ticket.

Night Safari Elephant

Here we go again no flash photograph during the ride, this is the best shot I can take for elephant at night. Seeing different kinds of animals outside cages was incredible, 45 minute of tram ride but not all animals you can see if they doesn't stand on the spotlight area. What most incredible is the tour guide can even speak out their name like how the hell he know who is who? We see nothing and he know exactly their location. Well for me the experience at Night Safari, it will be a wonderful experience if you didn't visit Singapore Zoo, seen too much of the same species have no feeling, sien jor.


The Night Safari open daily 7.30pm to 12.00pm. After the tram ride finish at 10.00pm we take bus and go home straight because we are too tired after walking for whole day (me even worst because I just cycling at Taman Pertanian yesterday).

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    wah lao eh! seems like ur new year eve is a blast with ah john hor! ๐Ÿ˜ก

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