Sensoji Temple

One of the most famous tourist attraction is the Asakusa street. It was the old, traditional Tokyo, full of traditional architecture, shrines, shops, and restaurants. The most famous site in Asakusa is the Sensoji Buddhist Temple, Tokyo’s oldest and most famous temple.

Sensoji temple is also known as Asakusa Kannon temple. The main entrance gate to Asakusa Temple, Kaminarimon (thunder gate) leads onto a shopping street called Nakamise Shopping Street. This street finishes at the second gate on the way to Sensoji Temple. The second gate is known as Hozomon (treasure house gate). We could see many Japanese Omiyage shops and traditional local snacks prepared and served there itself in Nakamise dori.

Just outside the station, we can see the Tokyo Sky Tree which going to open soon.
Kaminarimon (thunder gate).
Saw some Japanese girls in Kimono.
The Nakamise shopping street stretches over approximately 250 meters from Kaminarimon to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple.

Hozomon (treasure house gate).

The actual washing of hands and mouth with water is called Temizu, to perform before entering shrine.
In the front of the temple was a big basin with steam coming off of the top. Everyone were seeking blessing by waving their hands to the flame into their head. It is a concept that they are blessed.
Stepping up to the sanctum sanctorum, peoples throwing coins to the metallic box.

On both sides of the road leading to Sensoji are numerous stalls, you get the chance to buy little things, or taste some food stuff like rice crackers, Japanese sweets, and Japanese tea. After checking out Sensoji Temple and the surrounding we back in the Nakamise Street to shop, and we also tried out some of their snacks here. Most of the stall you can see how they work from outside and also observe how the working making the food in front.

The Asakusa Jidaiya service offers to guide tourists through Asakausa on rickshaws. The drivers who pull the rickshaws have extensive knowledge of Asakusa and can offer an in-depth tour filled with fun facts and history of the area.

While we heading back to main gate, we stopped by a sweet stall, some kawaii Japanese Girls are serving the sake. Its the soya milk which mix of sake, taste so heart-warming in the cold.

Kawaii stall you must visit.
She smile the moment my camera pointing at her, so kawaii.
Don't you think she look like model?
Then dinner at Maguro Ichiba, order some sushi bowl.
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