Penang Food Hunt

9th Jun 2010, Wednesday (7 years ago)

Two day trip to Penang, yup, went back to hometown and take 5 hrs drive from KB to Penang. When it comes to Penang, there’s the great food there, 3 days 2 nights to cover all of the heaven food.

Penang Food Hunt Ais Kajang

Lorong Selamat is one of the most popular hawker areas of Penang, our first night is stay at Sunway Hotels which is near Lorong Selamat, yes... our first stop gonna eat a lot. First come was ais Kajang.

Penang Food Hunt Rojak

Next Penang Rojak to whet our appetites.

Penang Food Hunt Fried Oyster

While waiting that plate of fried Koay Teow for main course, we keep ordering food like fried oyster, fantastic.

Penang Food Hunt Koay Teow

Here our main course, this char koay teow are quite strong in flavor, and the price is not cheap.

Penang Food Hunt Poh Peah

Then ordered 2 rolls of Poh Peah, and this is what we have for lunch today so far.

Penang Food Hunt Koay Teow

Lorong Selamat char koay teow is running by 2 ladies right outside an old kopitiam.

Penang Food Hunt Laksa

During tea time we try Assam Laksa near Kek Lok Si Temple, I'm not fan of Assam Laksa but they said this dirty look Assam Laksa is the best Asam Laksa

Penang Food Hunt Koay Chiap

Most of you would have heard or tried the famous night-time Duck Koay Chiap in Kimberley Street.

Penang Food Hunt Koay Chiap

Is a bit dark here and I don't know what I eating but what I know is they served with different parts of pork and duck. They got two flavour here which is porridge or koay which is slightly thicker than the koay teow.

Penang Food Hunt Dim Sum

Next morning when to Air Itam for dim sum, the Red Tea House Restaurant which is located right opposite the old Sunshine Farlim.

Penang Food Hunt Dim Sum

They got various dim sum here.

Penang Food Hunt Dim Sum

And ofcoz during public holiday like Kings birthday, you have to come and pick yourself since there is too many peoples.

Penang Food Hunt Duck Mee

After jalan jalan in market, we eat duck mee again, non-stop eating.

Penang Food Hunt Chendol

When come to Penang you cannot miss this famous Penang Teochew cendol.

Sunway Hotel Desserts

Back to Sunway Hotels is full of desserts.

Penang (HDR)

A very nice view from our room, never tired of HDR shot.

Penang Flamingo Hotel

After lunch we leave Georgetown and come to Jalan Tanjung Bungah and stay at Flamingo Hotel which is near the beach.

Penang Beach

How safe is the seawater? Be aware that they have lots of jelly fish.

Penang Beach

This little chick playing alone.

Truck (HDR)

Another HDR shot.

Penang Food Hunt Bali Hai

Dinner time, we come to Bali Hai for seafood.

Penang Food Hunt Bali Hai

Public holiday fullhouse.

Penang Food Hunt

At first I was look at this.

Penang Food Hunt Mantis Prawn

Then I ordered this, Mantis Prawn which cost RM35 for each.

Penang Food Hunt Dim Sum

Next morning we back to Bali Hai again, they running two bussiness here, at night sell seafood and morning sell dim dum.

Penang Food Hunt Dim Sum

The dim sum here looks good especially when u see a lot of shark fin.

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    (3 years ago)

    penang i like it more than langkawi coz
    penang is more active all the time
    thanks for the topic

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