Company trip to diu… man Island

We went three place for snorkeling.. yea that”s a lot, I can say is much much better than Bali that I went in June this year. Compare with a mineral water and teh ais… which one would you prefer to dive in? The water was so clean and although my both eye is almost blind without the glasses but I still can see the beauty of blurriness. I skip the last two place which I only dive in the first places because busy shooting the monkey diving – John, and the last place was a miter mile away to swim from our board location to see the shark, I was so tired and miss out seeing the turtle and shark.

After back from snorkeling, we are having a 3 on 3 basketball match, is being three year I never touch the basketball and I can”t feel it at all(means suck la only score 1 point). Never get to be so tired like before.

At the night having Bonfire Party, but after the steamboat we straight went back to room for Arsenal and ManU match, fck… 1-0. First-half come out saw two fire camp, nothing special… just drink and see the fire. I was bored, can”t eat can”t drink because of cough, so went back to the room again… fck x 2 is 2-0.



IMG_3110\r\nThey feed what they eat, yes.. this guy is feeding the curry chicken to the fish.






See the animation below on how the monkey diving into the water….

Monkey diving 1

Monkey diving 2

Monkey diving 3

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