Akihabara the Otaku’s Paradise

On 21th March we went back to Tsukiji Market, we reach there about 11.30am, this time yea they open but the wholesale area close after 11am, god damn we got no luck with the fishes. No fish luck but at least we got electric luck, so today’s the day of Akihabara! Akihabara is known as the Otaku and Electric City in Japan, one of the premier destinations in downtown Tokyo. It’s full of IT stuffs, electronics, anime, and maid cafe.

Akihabara is a really fun area, there are all sorts of colorful signs with anime characters and girls dressed in maid suit can be seen on the street giving out leaflet. And most of them can’t speak English, and any photograph of them is prohibited. As we walk along the street, any shop to that caught my attention. We enter…

Snap this at one of the top building with HDR mode.

Still remember 8 bit tv game? You can even find back childhood memory here.
More old school cartridges.


Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is not just a big electronics store in Tokyo, it is one of the largest electronics stores in the world. Their selection on everything is insane, they sell anything to do with electronics, gadgets, DVDs, bicycles and even sports equipment! Of course this also includes toys and hobby supplies.


Most of you come here in Akihabara for it’s electronic stuff, animes and mangas, maid cafés, games many more things. There’s a face of Akihabara that you may not know, the one of the biggest Sex toys shop in Japan “Pop Life Department. m’s” wich is located just left to the Akihabara station. The shop is on 8 floors, you can buy pretty much anything you could possibly imagine in this store, and probably quite a few things you never really knew existed.

There are a few blocks of shops selling all the latest adult toy, porn DVDs, Hentai. The shops are not only one or two stories tall. The largest one is as high as 8 stories high with each floor having specialized items for certain group of people. What we did was browse every floor, without making purchases. These hentai is favorites among the locals, its something unique as it is not allowed in our country. But in Japan, it is normal which every major book stores have a section on it.

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