MS Gundam Unicorn

When I first saw the Unicorn Gundam on site that my friend sent to me, I was like “Wow.. One box with two gundam?”. This is the only gundam model kit can transformed from an original design to something else! Love the design of the Unicorn and find it so special. Although the kit’s lack of poseability but end result is well worth it.

MS Gundam Unicorn
The original Gundam Unicorn(Normal Mode)
MS Gundam Unicorn
Full body view of Normal Mode.
MS Gundam Unicorn
As you can see, you can transform Unicorn Gundam to the Destroy mode, just like the original.
MS Gundam Unicorn
Don’t they look gorgeous.
MS Gundam Unicorn
Since it was made to be transformable, the armor is very loose, knee joint which is not as pose able as previous MG Sinanju.
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  • FABRIZIO said,
    September 28, 2009 | 3:02 am
    (11 years ago)

    beautiful model kit but unless painting is too……. superwhite LOL ^_^

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