Iron Man Collection

Right here, right now we’re looking at all the iron man collection from the jigsaw Mark 1, the sleek Mark 2 to iconic Mark 3. We’re rounding off the holly trinity of iron man outfits from the first movie… and they’ve always saved the best till last.

A whole fresh batch of new figures from the movie.

Pretty sure the new update on the suit at least will have a Mark 4.

Looks familiar? This is from the iron man movie posters, but is a toys.

Iron Man: The Gathering

OK guys listen, since we all here at least to throw some party for our gathering right?

Damn, you are damn right, let’s find something for the party!

Hey check this out! I got MAMEE Instant Noodles…

I bring some hot chick…

I got flowers on my faceplate…

What the…

Look inside I got flowers pin too… faint…

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