Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

Last few week drop by Bavarian Bierhaus German Restaurant at The Curve with my friend. Here are famous on Pork and Beer and Pork, Pork, Pork and more Pork… Of course the place is non-halal, as they serve pork and alcohol and it is a nice place to drink beer with great environment. The food is darn good but a bit pricy.

Bavarian Bierhaus
The restaurant is nicely decorate with many old photos frame.
Bavarian Bierhaus
Our dinner start with Potato Leek Soup.
Bavarian Bierhaus
This is a must try - Combo Pork Knuckle, it's awesome meal of the night.
Bavarian Bierhaus
You may put some mushroom sauce onto the crispy pork knuckle.
Bavarian Bierhaus
After put some mushroom sauce the crispy pork look more shiny and of coz more delicious!!!
Bavarian Bierhaus
First you must lick the tip with your tongue then lick the entire morsel slowly and then you may swallow, remember you mustn't rush... That was the French way of eating the sausages.
Bavarian Bierhaus
The portion are kinda huge so we share out, but still cannot finish everything.
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  • May 18, 2010 | 12:27 am
    (11 years ago)

    nice photo and the food looks tasty too, may i know the price range? ❓

    • demon said,
      June 9, 2010 | 12:30 pm
      (10 years ago)

      not cheap tho… the dinner cost RM130+

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