2010 Chinese New Year’s Dinner

Traditionally, Chinese New Year Eve is a very important festival where families get together to have a dinner. Same as this year my family ask some of the relative for reunion dinner, we went to same restaurant as last year. It was a 9-course dinner priced at around RM800+. There were 14 of us and we started with the fresh salmon fish ‘yee sang’.

2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Red Wine
We bring two bottle of red wine for a combination of being in an excellent mood for dinner.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Yee Sang
Another vibrant and colourful 'Lou Sang' session. Kinda busy this time, lou sang at the same time... huat ar... and take photo at the same time... snap ar.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Five Blessings
Five Blessings with longevity, wealth, corning, good ethics and hospice. I personally like the mango salad in the middle.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Shark's fin
After that delicious prosperity dishes 'Five Blessings', came the shark's fin soup with crab meat and crab roe. It looks abit in red colour! We all love animal, I know we are not supposed to be eating shark's fin but once a year is ok and this dish was already on the table.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Double taste fish
One fish come with double taste, fry and stim.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Deep Fried Sea Prawns
After the fish, came the deep fried sea prawns with garlic, salt and pepper. You have to taste the prawn from outside to inside because got bak song on top.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Abalone
Next was abalone with mushroom and 'fatt choy'. I guess all teenagers never a fan of this type of dish just like me, but it was healthier than all the dish earlier!
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Pork
They suppose to serve fatt choy pig hands but they replace with this pork which you can eat with the bao.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Pork
Awesome and yummy! One is never enough.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Fried Glutinous Rice
Finally, it was time for fried glutinous rice with waxed meat. I eat a lot because I still feel hungry although this is last course.
2010 Chinese New Year's Dinner - Longan
After resting our stomachs for a while, we were served Longan desserts.
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