Super GT International 2009 Sepang Day 2: Ford Mustang

After the ceremony, we are heading to main hall and saw some local race queens.

The local race queens also not bad.

Mini RAVE party and DJ spin on the stage.

Everyone is leaving… and guess what we saw next?

Ford Mustang with Eleanor body kit? Can you believe it is here in Sepang Circuit.

This car just like a superstar here, it grab attention and everyone take photos.

Sequential tail lights for the turn signals.

Here is the close up to the ring and exhaust.

Ford Mustang Logo.

On the way to car park we saw some familiar face which we think is the GT showgirls.


Some highlight from day 1, the monster in the main hall, MOTUL AUTECH GT-R.

Nissan took the opportunity to launch and display their latest products such as the 370Z.

And GTR as well.

And here we saw Toyota showgirls.

Yokohama girl with the nice ring.

Someone happyyyyy…

Giggling all the way home every time he see the name card, yes… that’s the email address from her.

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