My date finaly turned Green on

Another chapter draws to a close and last friday was my last day in company. When I first came here as a designer in the creative department and transfer to Technology department as an Interface Developer, the only goals I had in mind is to achieve the next level of me. After two years of working at here, from freak to normal, silent to hubbub, I feel very enriching and not only learned a lot of professional knowledge from creative to tech and more importantly have learned the truth a lot of people doing things, but good enough for a lifetime.

Now that I have finished my tenures, I’m certainly looking forward to the two week vacation but at the same time I don’t have works for tomorrow. It’s kind of funny how you get used to doing something. Unsettling and sense of loss because accustomed to the company’s environment, life and rest during the working period of time but all of a sudden going to be broken, with a total loss of feeling.

More than anything, I think I will miss the Cool work-culture and also all the things that I have mentioned in my previous post. I had a wonderful time working here: challenging projects, intelligent, fun and weird people, and a lot of great social events, company trips, lunch time with guys stuff, work in batu cave, daily updates on twitter… what more could you ask for? However, I also believe that once things start getting too comfortable, it’s time to move on…

So now it’s off to another place in search of another destination, and as someone has said, it is the journey which is most exciting!

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