Last day in creative


Yes.. this is it. My creative career is over, no more creative works!!! It is so hard to make this decision, leaving is easy but choosing the path is hard, I know someone is preparing the bullets, tanks, weapons and waiting for me to take up the position and moving to the wars. So hungry for glory. But I had another pursue and to learn what I’m passionate about this time. This kind of feeling is really different from what I experience before… I’m so exciting. I will remember this days 18 April 2008.

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  • small-sized said,
    April 12, 2009 | 4:03 am
    (10 years ago)

    6 more days to go, will be 1 year after u left creative, and now you are officially as a flash programmer (if I’m not wrong).. Good luck.. No matter what you’re doing, I will support you. ok.. 🙂

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