First Class

7th Feb 2009, Saturday (8 years ago)

Cab forth to LCCT airport, on the way the taxi driver was reporting his full medical report to me, sound like my mom which telling you what to eat and not to eat. When I’m reach the airport, I just can’t find the check in gate. So after check with the reception I just found out what a bad luck today, itโ€™s felt awful to see the gate closed and you couldnโ€™t board the plane, I have to head back to KLIA airport again since all the Air Aisa ticket is fully booked due to CNY. Lucky I still got a chance to bought MAS business class so I can fly back at that night.

Anyway, something can be the worse or can be the best. It was my first experience to enjoy the first class. The seat gave enough of privacy compare with economy class. The food was OK only since I only take the sandwich, hot towel for you before and after the meal. Moreover, you will taking more care from the Stewardess. After get off the plane, surprise all my luggage that I deliver was first to come out. I was so tired for everything and of cource this is business class service!

The thoughts of others
  • fazai38 said,
    9th Feb 2009, 4:23 pm
    (8 years ago)

    Yo… What a sad story… that leads to a very comfortable place.. ehhee

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