Dragonfly @ Mid Valley

Never shop for Chinese New Year clothes so early, because you will end up in buying more clothes! Chinese New Year is coming soon which is starting from next Sunday, I have seen many Shopping Complex are starting to decorate their building with Chinese New Year Themes. I had been going to One Utama last last last week, they got this big fortune lucky cat with the left hand moves back and forth in a waving manner which you can check out here. Today we here we at Mid Valley one day walk.

Mid Valley CNY Decoration
Beautiful decoration for Chinese New Year at Centre Court. See for yourself the picture I taken from the mall.
Mid Valley CNY Decoration
They uses a lot of big red flower and a lot of dragonfly (which I don't understand they why use for chinese decoration, is there something to do with cny?) decoration around the mall.
Mid Valley CNY Decoration
Of course temporary kiosk selling cny goodies.
Mid Valley CNY Decoration
Si be Ang from far I see, attracts a lot people come near to see what so red. Did you saw Woo Hoo tigers? Shit, I haven't watch the movie, anyone?
Plum Blossoms
The gorgeous pink flowers are hard plastic type plum blossoms to decorate our house for Chinese New Year!
The Gardens CNY Decoration
Walk to The Garden, they use hand cut butterfly papers only... allahHHH!
The Gardens Lantern
Numerous lanterns of all shapes and sizes.
Hand Cut Butterfly Paper
Seriously why they like to use insects for cny decoration?
Chinese New Year Cake frm Delectable
What do you think is this? Toys, figure from XL-shop? No... this is made by cake from Delectable.
Lilian Too
On the way back to Mid Valley, we saw Lillian Too giving a speech about Chinese Zodiac.
Joshua and Crystal
Coming up next, we celebrate Joshua's birthday at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar.
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