Going insane

I just spend a wasted money for new Ultimate Gaming PC and now I have to abandon my new PC which just bought two months ago. A lot people questioning on what is wrong with my mind and how many PC I need to buy per year. Apparently I ‘m so desperate on playing game without lagness and I don’t care and I just want it. For me game is LIVE, playing game with lagging and low graphics is suffering, or even crash into desktop is so fcking annoying. Sometimes feel like wanna slice my throat just because the freak. I’m so excited to having a new PC on Saturday morning, gaining so much experience in lowyat about negotiate the price and I hope this is the last time for this year. This time I won’t give a shit about the price and I just want the EXTREME machine which would save the money for another two year maybe?

Next, what I going to mention here is the ASUS Striker II Formula motherboard and ASUS EN8800GT 512MB DDR3 graphics card that I bought. What so HOT about this two tech stuff? The Striker II Formula motherboard support most of the CPU processors with NVIDIA nForce 781i SLI, and also support NVIDIA 3 way SLI graphics cards(only one for now), and FREE Supreme FX II Audio Card. In this round although my old graphics card ASUS EN9600GT Nvidia give a lot blue screen in previous PC but I still give a rate to NVIDIA instead of ATI because I believe nvidia is the one that build for games. And yes I have two Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts free games come with motherboard and graphics cards.



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