Christmas is Coming!

2nd Dec 2009, Wednesday (7 years ago)

Still no work and is my last day of holiday, morning watching Crow Zero 2 the group battle scenes with hundreds of punks whaling on each other. After movie go One Utama walk, shop, shoot then find colleague @drascox for lunch. We have lunch at Sushi Zanmai, as usual this place is full even is on week day.

Sushi Zanmai Unagi Kabayaki

Unagi Kabayaki is a must have for every dining to japanese restaurant.

Sushi Zanmai

@drascox What is this again?

Sushi Zanmai Sashimi Salad

If you on diet, the most sensible thing to eat was the Sashimi Salad, there were quite a lot of small pieces sashimi.

Sushi Zanmai Kakiage Don

Kakiage Don, prawns topped with dried green Seaweed and sauce to complement the rice.

Sushi Zanmai Chicken Yakitori (HDR)

Chicken Yakitori is one of my favorite Japanese food, this is also the first time I try HDR for food. (HDR)

Giant Iphone

After finish lunch @drascox, I continue shopping and see what I got here, a giant iphone display.

In previous post “Holiday in KL” I had post many photos about Christmas decoration in Pavillion Mall and The Gardens. Here is another photos about Christmas decoration but this time covers 1 Utama.

One Utama Christmas

A White Lyrical Christmas, view from second floor.

One Utama Christmas

More photos.

One Utama Christmas (HDR)

Another HDR try.

One Utama Christmas

Christmas gifts for sale at 1 Utama Shopping New Wing.

One Utama Christmas

Booths selling Christmas present.

The Celebrity Twitter Directory

Walk into magazine shop and found this bookazine - The Celebrity Twitter Directory. Described as 'the essential guide to the best real celebrity blogs on the worldโ€™s hottest website' helping the millions of Twitter users worldwide to decide which feeds to follow, and which to drop.

Sleeping Prarie Dog

Visit Petsmore to see the dramatic chipmunk - Prairie Dog, normally they are awake and super active, but today they curled up in a little ball, sleeping... that is the most common way for Prairie Dogs to sleep.

If you don’t know Prairie Dog, check out this dramatic chipmunk video.

The thoughts of others
  • drascox said,
    2nd Dec 2009, 1:15 pm
    (7 years ago)

    tat is scallop

  • drascox said,
    2nd Dec 2009, 1:21 pm
    (7 years ago)

    that is scallop

    • demon said,
      2nd Dec 2009, 1:41 pm
      (7 years ago)

      So the white thingy is Hotate Sashimi (scallop).
      Got nice people here! Went there to eat and check out girls. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    • demon said,
      6th Dec 2009, 1:16 pm
      (7 years ago)

      The Serizawa leader – Tamao Serizawa is my favorite character, leader of the strongest gang which cant ride a bike and loves playing games!!! Play chicken with a local cop and wins.

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