Chinese New Year Dinner

Another Chinese New Year reunion dinner with auntie uncle. My family headed to favorite restaurant at far far away. The restaurant became famous recently and we didn’t expect got so many people coming this year. But my dad have make a booking earlier and special arrangement for us to have the huge table in the back, amidst the Chinese New Year crowd. Three hour to finish the dinner, wasting time of waiting the meal to serve due to too many families to serve up. The restaurant has become even more famous and some of the food wasn’t that good compare to last year. Here are the photos taken…

Our ‘Yu Sang’ (Chinese New Year salad)

What to eat with so many bao?

We used the superwhite bao to wrap the pork just like a hamburger. Eat the bao with pork and hope this year can bring about long-term display and the first well-intentioned.

Our weapon to mix the ingredients and lift them up in the process and make wishes like promotion, good exam, results, good health for the new year.

Interesting shot from my cousin. Portrait of five people with so many background…

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