Berjaya Time Square Christmas

20th Dec 2009, Sunday (7 years ago)

Photos for dinner at Alexis suppose to up first but I keep for tomorrow. Watching Bodyguard & Assassins movie at Time Square and totally no idea what the story is about and who is starring. Come out not so good especially the Leon Lai part, entirely inappropriate costume. The malls are start decorated with their own creation of christmas trees. I had taken many Christmas Decoration photos at Pavillion and The Garden, 1 Utama. Here’s the photos for Christmas thrills at Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Santa's sleigh with full of presents.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Snowman is everywhere.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas (HDR)

Welcome to wonderland. (HDR)

Old Town Kaya & Butter

After movie having lunch at Old Town, Kaya and Butter Roti.

Old Town Nasi Rendang Chicken

Extreme hungry and have to wait for 15 mins then only my Nasi Rendang Chicken come.

Star Wars Toys

Pass by Graffiti Toys shop and snap this Star Wars toys.

Trooper Collection

Full collection of Trooper.

Marvel Collection

Marvel world.


Various of R2-D2.

Power Ranger

Power Rangers was my teen shows, but do you still watch it now? I don't find that strange at all if you still watching, whatever you enjoy and brightens your day. They are here to promote the Power Ranger toys, kids queue up for photo session.

Sunway Wang Christmas

Walk into Sungai Wang and wonder why they have goose for christmas? Goose for Christmas dinner instead of Turkey?

Colourful Board

Saw this very colourful comic style board, the skills to play with the magic weapon.


The figure shop I use to visit is close, now they sell dolls here.

Sunway Wang Christmas

In Sungai Wang they decorated the place by the theme of 'Swan Lake'. Can see many Flying and swimming swans.

Lot 10

After indoor now outdoor, the shoot from Lot10. Standing there for 15 mins just to wait the Monorail to come, another 15 mins waste.

Lot 10 Street (HDR)

Lot 10 Street. (HDR)

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Back to Time Square, from the entrance they have this big spinning christmas tree.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Below the tree, they have a S+J gift shop.

Never Give Up

Gillian Chung from Twins - never give up after 2008 photo scandal.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Why so many peoples here?

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Everyone is listening to christmas orchestra performance.

Berjaya Time Square Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

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