Aivee, Remi and Syam’s birthday dinner at Umai-ya

5th Mar 2010, Friday (7 years ago)

We were at Umai-ya’s Uptown branch to celebrate Aivee, Remi and Syam’s birthday. No pressie and wanna give super big size Ang Pao but don’t know where to get. Ma self design one with their head on it, birthday ma with the Shou word (生日寿). Since we work together, so today sneaky sneaky, coz wanna print out their big head on the big red card to make the superbig unique Ang Pao for them.

Umaiya Cat

I though we are late, but we still early here, taking picture with Maneki Neko on the plate.

Chuka Idako

No way we wait here with hungry stomach, our first order baby chuka idako.

Umaiya Akami Sashimi

Akami Sashimi with orchard flower and wasabi.

Umaiya Age Dashi Tofu

Age Dashi Tofu, it still moving because is melting.


Soft shell crab hand roll.

Umaiya Tofu

I ordered and I forgot what name is this, the tofu is served as cold plate on top of ice, mix the ingredients in the soup and you are ready to eat with tofu.

Umaiya Tofu

This is how it looks after mix with everything.

Umaiya Tofu

Salad tofu, it is so nais until I forgot how it taste.


Here's our food while we waiting them to come, every time I try to eat, the waitress served up our food, busy night, busy with taking pictures.


I am so hungry while writing this post all the way down, picture by picture of delicious food.



Umaiya Grilled Prawn

I will recommend this Grilled Prawn, very fresh very nais de.

Umaiya Shisamo

Three Shisamo which looks like sien yu.

Birthday Dinner

Ham yu super shock with the way Karen Koay dress.

Birthday Dinner

All of us.

Umaiya Sashimi

Our thickly cut slices of sashimi.


More hand roll.

Umaiya Green Tea

Green tea.

Umaiya Saba Shioyaki

Saba Shioyaki or grilled mackerel order by beginning and served last.

Aivee, Syam and Remi

Birthday boys, girls and kids.

Birthday Dinner

Pair of Ang Pao

Does the pair of Ang Bao looks a like them? Indeed, especially the kids one.

Pair of Ang Pao

Pair of handcraft Ang Pao, and I forgot to take picture of the back, it says happy birthday 2010 to remi and aivee.

Polaroid Film

Today karen wong is not here, but still got Polaroid caemra.

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

The thoughts of others
  • justine said,
    5th Mar 2010, 9:25 am
    (7 years ago)

    omg the ang pao so damn cute. wish i were there!

    • yippie said,
      5th Mar 2010, 10:28 am
      (7 years ago)

      aivee look like keroro kan?

      • demon said,
        5th Mar 2010, 11:29 am
        (7 years ago)

        yea… purposely choose the keroro picture. 😆
        Too bad justine and karen wong not here…

  • kw said,
    12th Mar 2010, 11:33 pm
    (7 years ago)

    hahaha nice! i wish i was there for the nice foooood!!! 🙂

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